An Overview Of The Solar Panel Suppliers

October 17, 2021 , Solar Panels

Solar panel manufacturers are companies that manufacture solar panels in bulk or in single pieces, commonly in large production runs. The largest manufacturers of solar panels are located in the US, Europe and Japan with Germany also being a leading manufacturer of solar power systems. Other countries producing solar power systems include China, India and many developing countries around the world.

Many solar panel suppliers distribute their products to installers, distributors, system integrators and government agencies. Each of these distribution channels has different needs as well as differing levels of service and quality control. Suppliers will often specialize in certain areas of the market such as residential solar products or larger commercial systems. The price differences between suppliers can also vary significantly depending on the size of the order and the level of service requested by the end-user.

Many solar panel suppliers offer standard services such as installation, sales and after sales support. However, some suppliers focus primarily on installation as their primary business while some only provide after sales service for existing orders. Other suppliers provide both services and products and may have connections with contractors that may be hired to install the panels on an individual’s site. Suppliers that only provide products also tend to have a lower cost per panel than suppliers that provide both services and products.